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Try this menu for the perfect’s night sleep

Try this menu for the perfect’s night sleep

Do you struggle to get to sleep every night? But wake up tired every morning? As mums we function off minimum sleep as we rush between getting the kids ready for school and taking ourselves to work! We all know how much we need that morning coffee!

University led research suggests that it could be your diet that is ruining a good night’s sleep and not the kids! If you eat the rights food before sleep then you can have a peaceful snooze.

Dr Rachel Edwards-Stuart and Lily Soutter have created a three-course dinner that they have based on scientific evidence and university research that ensure a perfect night's sleep. Nearly every ingredient on the menu has sleep-enhancing properties – sounds perfect!

If you struggle to get to sleep at night, why not try this menu:


Sustainably sourced mackerel, organic kiwi, Kalamata olive, and baby spinach salad


Corn-fed chicken, pumpkin seeds, black garlic and organic sweet potatoes


Fresh Galia melon with yoghurt, walnuts, walnut oil, apple juice, honey and mint

How does this menu sound to you? We’re not so sure it sounds as good as pizza and chips! Visit for more information.

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