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Is Your Family Going Pokémon Crazy?

Is Your Family Going Pokémon Crazy?

Have you heard about a new app that’s getting children and adults excited? You’re sure to know someone who’s going crazy for Pokémon GO. The virtual reality game has been causing a stir since its launch, and a date for official UK release is yet to be announced!

The app is a free-to-play GPS based augmented reality game developed for iOS and Android devices. Players create an avatar to be displayed at their current location along with a map of the immediate surroundings to capture, battle, and train other virtual Pokémon.

Debate is raging over whether the app is bringing families together or tearing them apart as children and adults are lost to the game. There are also fears the app could put children at risk, as an element of the game is to attract players to an area.

Mums and dads in the UK should be prepared as the craze is set to soar further when the app officially goes live over here. There are conflicting stories over when this will be, but quotes The Wall Street Journal which says, according to sources in the know, release in Europe, Japan and other Asian national is due “within the next few days”.

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