Hot Topics takes a look at what else is available from Teksta! takes a look at what else is available from Teksta!

If you’re looking to teach your children responsibility or fancy a trial run before you buy a real pet, the Teksta range is the perfect alternative, and in addition to the Micro-Pets, they have lots of other great options too.

Take a look below for more information on all things Teksta:

Teksta Voice Recognition Robotic Puppy £59.99
The 5th generation of the iconic Teksta Robotic Puppy has more functions than ever before. With multi-coloured LED eyes and realistic ear movements, this pet is the best yet. Add to this his super sensitive voice control, applications and multiple command features, this pup is bound to be a kid’s favourite companion.

Teksta Toucan £59.99
Teksta Toucan is no ordinary bird... this is an ultra-intelligent Toucan who can tell jokes, play games and even perform magic tricks to keep its owner entertained. It’s the first Teksta Pet to work via Bluetooth and does not require Wi-Fi connection to enjoy the full interactive experience. The Teksta Toucan sits on his perch and moves his head, wings, body and back just like a real Toucan. There are two options of play for this sophisticated bird; normal, using him as a stand-alone toy with multiple features or, with the addition of a free app, further content can be downloaded that will lead to more comprehensive responses.  On the app you can even choose whether Toucan is going to be sweet or humorous!

Teksta Mini Jumping Puppy and Kitty £19.99
The Teksta Mini Jumping Puppy and Kitty are part of a generation of smaller pets. Both pets are more interactive and animated than ever before and will respond to your voice and touch. Kitty and Puppy offer intelligent and emotional light up eye patterns to share their feelings and can be programmed to jump, sit, beg and sing!

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