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Upselling tactics are causing the public to pile on the pounds!

Upselling tactics are causing the public to pile on the pounds!

Upselling tactics have been exposed this morning in a recent report saying that they are fuelling the obesity crisis! It is unsurprising that this country has an obesity issue when we are constantly being bombarded with the question - “do you want to go large?” Well the answer should be no!

Shoppers are on average eating an extra 17,000 calories a year because of these crafty supersize tactics! You see it everywhere you go, from fast food chains, to coffee shops, and even in the cinema- there’s no escaping it! Employees of these establishments are even told to encourage shoppers to go large to make more money! And as a result we are piling on the pounds!

This report was carried out by Slimming World and The Royal Society of Public Health and they surveyed more than 2,000 UK adults. They found that shoppers face an average of 106 verbal pushes each year, which led to an extra 330 calories a week which could result in putting on an additional 5 pounds! It is exactly these types of upselling tactic leading to obesity, everywhere we go we are pressured into supersizing!

In the office we have all experienced this marketing tactic at some point so we think it’s time to make a change. Slimming World and RSPH are now encouraging us to use the hashtag #JustThisThanks to fight back against the trend! Will you be saying #JustThisThanks from now on? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.

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