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Upset over new look Toblerone

Upset over new look Toblerone

We’re chocolate lovers here at UKMums.TV, which is why this story caught our eye. Have you heard about the new look Toblerone? That row of triangles full of chocolatey goodness has taken on a dramatic new appearance, and it’s fair to say people aren’t happy about it. Here’s why:

The chocolate is hardly recognisable from what it once was as the space between each triangle has got even bigger. It looks like half the chocolates are missing and we couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw the photos.

Apparently, what used to be 400g and 170g bars are now 360g and 150g. And a bar has shrunk from 11 triangles to 9! The news has led to an outpouring of disappointment on social media with the hashtag #TobleroneGate, proving once again that we can cope with many things, but mess with our chocolate at your peril.

If feels like so much of our chocolate is shrinking, doesn’t it? Toblerone producer Mondelez International blames higher production costs and says the changes have been made to keep Toblerone ‘affordable’ and retain the ‘triangular shape’. The larger gap might make the struggle to break each piece off that bit easier, but is that a price worth paying for less chocolate content?

Here at UKMums.TV we don’t think so! We want the old look back and would happily pay more (within reason). Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts over on our Facebook and Twitter.

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