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Viewers left in shock as Dec flashes his pants!

Viewers left in shock as Dec flashes his pants!

Declan Donnelly showed a little more than the audience was expecting on Saturday’s live episode of Saturday Night Takeaway. Ant and Dec went head to head to decide the series winner of the Ant vs. Dec contest. The double act had to answer questions in giant balloons with a needle getting closer to them with each question they answered correctly.

The episode was broadcast live from The Walt Disney Resort in Orlando in front of a live audience of families. They all received a huge shock when Dec’s balloon was popped to reveal him standing there with his white y-fronts on show! He hurried to cover himself up and said: "What are you doing you blew me pants off." We’re not sure that white y-fronts would be Dec’s usual pant of choice but we’re just glad that he had his pants on!

Another scandal also hit the show as viewers took to Twitter to call this weekend’s edition of Saturday Night Takeaway a fix! The came after a contestant on the final answer of Win the Ads gave an incorrect answer before he quickly changed to the correct answer.  Ant added the line “I’m not finishing the series on a loser, believe me” which meant the contestant walked away with a luxury holiday to Mexico, a new £20,000 Vauxhall Mokka and a home makeover! Now wouldn’t that be a good prize to win!

Do you think Dec flashing his pants is appropriate viewing for family’s on a Saturday or was it just a bit of fun? Let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter.

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