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Watch out for a hazardous kids’ rattle

Watch out for a hazardous kids’ rattle

Parents watch out! Check your child’s toy rattles and make sure one’s not a Kids II Oball sold by Toys R Us. It’s because the toy contains tiny orange particles which have been found to be a choking hazard for children under three!

Please take note of this important information and let others know! The product recall’s been launched here in Britain after parents in the US complained with concerns the rattle could choke their tot.

As the Mirror reports, in America there have already been reports of children 'gagging' on tiny orange beads spilling out when the rattle broke as the Kids II Oball rattle features a chamber containing tiny orange beads.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has said 42 people have reported that the disc has broken. And worryingly, the commission has also heard of 'two instances in which children had the beads in their mouths, and three instances of children gagging on the beads'. UK-based public safety watchdog the Chartered Trading Standards Institute has also issued a warning about the beads.

The products in question are the Kids II, Inc. Oball Rattles 81031, sold to consumers after January 1 2016, with one chamber containing all orange beads and the following 'T' date codes: T3065, T0486, T1456, T2316 and T2856. The date code can be found on a small triangle on the inner surface of the product. Anyone who bought one of the rattles in question can return it to the point of purchase for a refund.

Toys R Us is understood to have already recalled up to 680,000 of the rattles. For more information, call 0800 048 8607 or visit

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