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Watch Toys and Me with Oonies!

Watch Toys and Me with Oonies!

We sent YouTube sensation Tiana from Toys and Me the Oonies Starter Station Pack to see what she thought of it and guess what she loved it! With nearly 7 million subscribers Tiana is the go to YouTuber when it comes to kids toys! In this video you can watch Toys and Me be mesmerised by Oonies!

Oonies are inflatable mini balloons that magically stick together to create fun characters and games. Tiana and Isla use the Station Inflation Pack to add their pellets and inflate them; they then use the Oonie deco bits to create a variety of super cool characters.

Check out the surprise pop challenge, they have to see who is the fastest to inflate an Oonie pop it and say the colour -who do you think will be the ultimate Oonie inflator?

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