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We take a look at the fun playsets in the Teletubbies collection.

We take a look at the fun playsets in the Teletubbies collection.

Children love to create scenes around characters from their favourite TV shows. The playsets and activity toys in the Teletubbies range are perfect for doing just that. Take a look at our full product guide below to get the low down on all the great toys in the range.

Music Day Playset - £14.99
As music is a huge part of the show, this is reflected in the Music Day Playset, which features musical drums, podium and piano, and comes with an exclusive Laa-Laa figure with a trumpet.

Pull-Along Tubby Custard Ride- £29.99
The Tubby Custard Ride is brand new to the TV series, so never seen before as a toy.  Children can pull the string on the Tubby Custard Machine and all four of the Teletubbies spin around in the cups, as the Custard Machine lights up and plays music and funny custard splat sound effects!

Superdome Playset - £29.99
The Superdome Playset is modelled on the Home Dome where the Teletubbies live. Press the toast for pop up Tubby toast with sound effects, moving Noo-noo with slurping noises, and there is even a Tubby Phone so you can call the Teletubbies. There is also easy to press buttons for music and custard splat sound effects, as well as a lift, mirror dance floor, and spinning seats.

Drive N Steer Noo-noo - £29.99
Noo-noo comes to life as a fun and simple wireless driving toy, Drive & Steer Noo-noo, with crazy sound effects. Children can take control with the steering wheel and direct Noo-noo left and right, and there’s even a turbo button for superfast Teletubby driving!

Giant Pull and Play Noo-noo - £49.99
The Giant Pull & Play Noo-noo is a fun electronic activity centre, packed with features such as shape sorters and jigsaws, as well as Teletubbies sound effects and music! Noo-noo will even pick up Tubby Custard splats!

Our Verdict:
After taking a look at the plastic toys in the Teletubbies range it’s safe to say we’re impressed. Each toy looks authentic and there are plenty of playsets on offer to encourage and entice the imagination of children across the country. All in all we’re giving this toy range a 10/10, we simply can’t fault it!

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