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We urge parents to keep their kids safe in the sun

We urge parents to keep their kids safe in the sun

With unprecedented temperatures and unbroken sun over the last few days it's wonderful to see kids playing out in the sun and having fun splashing around in paddling pools, but remember to keep your kids safe and protected from those damaging rays.

Ultraviolet rays pass through air and clouds and penetrate the skin; it is when your skin's been exposed to too many of these rays that you get sunburnt! Some people get sunburnt faster than others because of their colouring. Those with light-coloured skin and fair hair will tend to get sunburnt more quickly than someone with dark eyes and skin. So be extra careful if your little ones are fair!

Here’s some top tips from the Birmingham Mail for keeping kids safe in the sun:

1. Apply enough sunscreen
2. Always apply to face, neck and ears – even if your little one wriggles.
3. Look at the use by date on your sunscreen
4. Take breaks from the sun – plan some indoor activities to keep your kids occupied
5. Be aware that the sun’s reflection
6. Apply even on cloudy days as UV can get through clouds

Latest statistics show that malignant melanoma, which is skin cancer, is now the fifth most common cancer in the UK so it is so important to keep you skin protected! Let us know what you got up to in the sun over the weekend on Facebook and Twitter.

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