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Welcome to The Furchester Hotel!

Welcome to The Furchester Hotel!

With the launch of the brand-new Furchester Hotel Magazine this month we find out what our mums think of this exciting new pre-school title! 

Raising the Rainbow is just one of the bloggers who took a look at the new magazine and here is what she thought:

The Furchester Hotel Magazine

If you have a pre schooler who's getting a bit of cabin fever in this rubbish weather then get yourself down to your local newsagent today and grab the NEW Furchester Hotel Magazine from Cbeebies for only £2.75.

If your 4 year old is anything like mine as soon as we walk into the shop he is mithering for a magazine, he doesn't alway get one. But when he does he plays with the plastic tat you get on the front and after a few flicks of the magazine he discards it.

What I love about this particular magazine is that it support the early years curriculum and is jam packed with activities including writing, maths, mark making and even colouring. There is even the old favourite of all 4 year olds stickers.

Mr C loved the first page which is set out like a guestbook, just like you get in a hotel. He loved writing his name, choosing his favourite food and drawing a self portrait of himself.

There is factual pages about some of the Furchester Hotel staff and guests, each page has a different little quizzes and puzzles. None of them are too difficult and Mr C really enjoyed them, the magazine held his attention more than any other magazine we have bought him.
As with most magazine you get a free gift stuck to the front, in this particular issue you get a fun portrait making kit. You get lots of different frames and bits and pieces that make some of your Furchester Hotel favourites.

As you can see Mr C wanted to make Cookie Monster and he is very proud of it! He has put it next to his bed for safe keeping. He has enough materials left to make at least 2 more frames, so I have hidden the pieces as its a perfect rainy day activity.

It’s really hard to review a magazine in pictures alone, so myself and Mr C did a little YouTube video and flicked through the magazine to show you whats inside.

The Furchester Hotel Magazine is available in all good newsagents priced at £2.75 and a new issue is published every 4 weeks. We highly recommend it for all Furchester Hotel fans.

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