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What did our mums think about the brand new Teletubbies collection?

What did our mums think about the brand new Teletubbies collection?

With the launch of the brand new Teletubbies toys happening this month we take a look at what our mums think of this lovely new collection! Tired Mummy of Two was just one of the lucky bloggers that received a special box to review and here is what she thought:

"The day is finally here and we get to open the box on some of the fantastic new Teletubbies toys by Character Online.

Across a lot of blogs today you will be able to see a variety of the toys and do head over to read some others as we each got sent different products. I cant wait to see  some of the other toys in the range.

So what was in my box?

Well we decided to open the largest parcel first which revealed the Superdome Playset. The playset comes with a Po figure holding some Tubby Toast. It has chairs and a table which spin around, a clear elevator which can be moved up and down and a mirror surface area on the floor at the base of the elevator. There is also the Tubby Toast machine and a Tubby Toast button, pressing the button makes the Tubby toast pop up and produces sound effects. The Noo-noo can also be moved along the small track and produces sound effects.

The best bit about this set is the four buttons at the front.  The Po button actually produces  sound effects from all four Teletubbies, the musical note produces a short piece of music that I assume is featured on the tv show, the tubby phone activates the lights and sounds of the tubby phone next to the elevator and the tubby splat button produces three different splat noises.  It has an on/off switch on the base and takes 3 AAA batteries which come included. It has an RRP of £29.99.‚Äč

We were sent two of the 8 inch talking plush; Laa-Laa and Tinky-Winky. Each of the 8 Inch plush have velcro on the back which opens on to a small battery pack with 3 LR44 which come included. There isn't an on/off switch which does mean it can be activated by accident.  The phrases are classic character phrases , giggles and noises including "Big Hugs", "Again Again" and "Eh Oh". The plush is really soft and the face is flocked plastic giving it a warmer, softer feeling. The eyes are plastic with lots of amazing colours in them that really make them stand out. These have an RRP of £9.99"

Read the full review here

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