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What do you see in these flip flops?

What do you see in these flip flops?

First there was that dress (was it blue and black or white and gold for you?), now there are these flip flops! The internet is divided over what colours they are. It’s the latest optical illusion to sweep the internet!

People on the web are either seeing them as blue and gold, black and blue or even white and gold! The big question ‘what colours do you see?’ was first posed on Twitter after Falsiane, a Portuguese Twitter account, posted an image of flip flops on Thursday night. As the Mail Online reports, the image has been liked more than a thousand times as people debated the colours, just like 'the dress' which had the same colour confusion and started many a heated argument over the garment after it became a viral meme in February last year.

A quick whiz around the UKMums.TV office reveals the majority of the team think these flip flops are white and gold. It's unclear what colour these flip flops actually are, but a poll on BuzzFeed shows those who believe they’re white and gold are in the majority, as 42 per cent see the shoes in that colour combination. Some 25 per cent see blue and gold and 14 per cent see black and blue.

Which camp do you fall into? We’d love to know!  Tell us what you think over on our Facebook and Twitter.

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