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What happens to your Facebook profile after death?

What happens to your Facebook profile after death?

Earlier this year Hollie Gazzard was murdered by her boyfriend in a terrible tragedy. However her Facebook profile still had photos of the pair together. Many of Hollie’s family thought this was disrespectful and wanted the profile to serve as a memorial.

The family contacted Facebook who initially said they would not remove the photos of Chloe and her killer.

Eventually Facebook relented and changed the images before they memorialised the account. A memorialised account is an account that has be frozen in time, this means posts cannot be deleted or changed. It also allows a ‘legacy contact’ to look after your account and change profile pictures, cover photos as well a pin posts.

When talking about the removed images Hollie’s sister Chloe said "We saw that they weren't there anymore and we were delighted,"

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