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What our mums think of the Stickle Bricks Big Red Bucket!

What our mums think of the Stickle Bricks Big Red Bucket!

Stickle Bricks has taken over so we are bringing you everything you need to know about the heritage construction toy brand!

We love the new Stickle Bricks range at as it offers so much educational play value. However, don’t just take our word for it! Read what top mummy bloggers thought here:

“I am sure I am not the only one to remember having Stickle Bricks as a child?  They are something I have looked out for for the Little A’s for some time, however, hadn’t really had much success in finding them.

A few weeks ago we were sent the Stickle Bricks Big Red Bucket from Flair PLC and all three Little A’s have loved playing with them.  It has been great for me to reminisce too!

The Big Red Bucket contains a large variety of different coloured and shaped bricks that can be stuck together, stacked and constructed with.

It has been really interesting to watch the Little A’s play with the bricks in such different ways. Little Mr A has been carefully constructing cars and buildings. Little Miss A has had great fun creating all sorts of weird and wonderful creations! Baby A, who the bricks are really aimed at, has been having a great time with them too.  They are really easy to stick together unlike some other construction toys.  She has stacked pieces on top of each other, stuck them together side by side to make a ‘choo choo’ and can sit for a long time playing with them.  The Stickle Bricks really are helping her patience and imagination as well as her fine motor skills.

For me the Stickle Bricks are just as I remember, with some updates including new colours and different heads to make people.  There is also a small board included to give a great base for buildings which I don’t remember having as a child.

I love that there are lots of bricks in the box so that all three Little A’s can sit and play together without too much argument.  It would be nice if there were a couple more wheels and heads included, however, that is my only small complaint.

All of the bricks pack away easily back into the box for easy storage.  The bricks are also really good quality, made from strong plastic which won’t break easily.  I think the Stickle Bricks will stand up to a lot of play and I can see them being enjoyed for a long time to come.  With an RRP of £19.99 I think the Big Red Bucket is great value for money given the play value and quality."

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