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What’s in the Dinosaur figure collection from Schleich!

What’s in the Dinosaur figure collection from Schleich!

As part of the Dinovember takeover from Schleich, is bringing you a rundown of its amazing Dinosaur collection.

Mini Dinosaurs - £2.99
The Mini Dinosaurs are a brilliant way to introduce your little ones to the prehistoric mystery of dinosaurs. These detailed figures will be the perfect instant treat for any child, especially if their mind is filled with Jurassic wonder. Children can choose from all their favourite dinosaurs, including the much loved Tyrannosaurus Rex, Spinosaurus and the fearsome Velociraptor.

Small Dinosaurs - £5.99
Or maybe you already have an avid Dinosaur fan, in which case these dinosaurs are the perfect way to keep their interest, with a slightly bigger dinosaur to play with. At just £5.99 you will to find the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Therizinosaurus, Velociraptor and more.

Large Dinosaurs – from £6.99
To top it off, the large dinosaurs will create the perfect prehistoric stage for your little ones, so they can roam the living room and battle their favourite figures. Starting from £6.99, the large dinosaurs include all of the favourites such as T-Rex, Triceratops and the Stegosaurus.

Giant Volcano with T-Rex - £99.99
The Giant Volcano is the first playset for the Schleich Dinosaur collection. An amazing setting for all of the Dinosaur figures, the huge volcano comes with many functions and also contains a T-Rex, a Stegosaurus and lots of accessories to add to the play value. Dinosaur fans will go mad for this!

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