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What’s in the Farm World Collection?

What’s in the Farm World Collection?

The Farm World collection provides children with an early introduction to nature and gives them an imaginative look into the countryside. The Schleich Farm World is a favourite with young ones as there are so many animal figures and buildings to collect. They can create their very own farm from the comfort of their home!

Children will become acquainted with the most well-known farm animals with the Farm World Starter Set (£14.99). The life-like Schleich animals stimulate children to play creatively, allowing them to come up with their first imaginative farm stories. This lovely set comes with a cow, a sheep, a donkey and a rooster!

There are so many animals in the Schleich Farm World and they will keep your little farmer busy with hours of play. Creative play is very important for a child’s development so Schleich have expanded Farm World even further.

New to the collection are the Labrador Retriever (£4.49), the Rabbit (£2.99) and the Farmer with a Goat (£8.99), with all of these new animals there are hours are imaginative play to be had for your little one.

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