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What’s new for the Teletubbies in 2016!

What’s new for the Teletubbies in 2016!

Ever since the Teletubbies hit our screens in 1997, they have been a huge favourite in households around the world. So we decided to investigate what’s new!

Tubby Custard Ride

The Tubby Custard Ride is led by the Tubby Custard Machine. At the start of the Ride the Tubby Custard Machine is empty of Tubby Custard. The music starts and the Teletubbies sit in their cups and are taken on a ride around Home Dome and sometimes they even go out into Teletubbyland! Pink bubbles blow out from the Tubby Custard Machine. Sometimes the Tubby Custard Ride gets really messy and custard splats fly around. At the end of the ride the Tubby Custard Machine returns to its start position, full of Tubby Custard. The Noo-noo helps to tidy up the custard splats after a messy Tubby Custard Ride.

Tubby Phone

When the Tubby Phone rings, the Teletubbies answer it by pressing their flashing, coloured panel on the touch screen. A Tubby Phone voice then tells them that it’s time for their Tubby Phone Dance. The Tubby Phone also takes photos and prompts a Tubby Phone Conga!

Dup Dup

The Dup Dup is a fun lift that transports one Teletubby at a time outside to the top of Home Hill and back down inside Home Dome again.


The Tiddlytubbies are younger Teletubbies each with their own name and personality (there are eight; Daa Daa, Umby Pumby, Baa and Ping, RuRu, Duggle Dee, Mi-Mi and Nin). Sometimes the Teletubbies go into the Tiddlytubbies’ playroom to play;. The Tiddlytubbies are super cute - they all love the Teletubbies and the Teletubbies love the Tiddlytubbies very much too.  Other times the Teletubbies watch the Tiddlytubbies fall asleep during Tiddlytubbies’ Sleepybyes.

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