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What was your worst interview experience?

What was your worst interview experience?

What was your worst job interview experience? We’re asking the question here at UKMums.TV because a story’s emerged of one woman’s awful time, which saw her turned away because of what she wore - and it’s sent the internet wild!" We’re keen to hear your thoughts on this.

Interviews are nerve-wracking enough so it must have been particularly horrific for Rosie Reilly who claims she wasn’t given the time of day for her interview at Boots, all because of her clothing…a knee-length black skirt and black polka dot blouser. Sound inoffensive, right?

Here’s what she had to say about it to “The interviewer asked some general questions about what I’m doing at the moment and what previous jobs I’ve had. After scribbling some notes down, she said ‘the second half of the interview takes place on the shop floor. However I don’t think that you’re dressed conservatively enough to go on the shop floor, so we’ll arrange to do the second part of the interview another day.’ We agreed on Thursday at 11am, but I won’t be attending!”

Rosie’s received a whole lot of love on social media, though, after sharing her experience online, from people left baffled by why her choice of outfit could be deemed not conservative enough, and she says this has lifted her up and boosted her confidence. We’re sure you’ll find a job soon, Rosie!

This story got us thinking about interviews in general as we’d love for you to share your tales. Any weird questions or awkward answers to let everyone know about? Tell us about your job hunting disasters over on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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