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What would you add to the amazing world of SuperZings??

What would you add to the amazing world of SuperZings??

Our SuperZings - Rivals of Kaboom takeover has nearly finished and here at UK Mums TV we’ve had great fun introducing you to this amazing collectible range.

It’s got us thinking about the everyday objects we can see that could make cool SuperZing collectibles - stapler vs. Blu Tak, perhaps?! Plant pot vs. watering can? Coffee maker vs. kettle?! The list is endless!

Keep your reactions to the toys coming in and maybe you’ve got your own ideas now you know all about Kaboom City and its crazy caped superheroes and supervillains.

Remember the rules - every SuperZing is an everyday object brought to life in a fun, comic ‘Hero vs Villain’ rivalry theme.  Each one has its own amazing superpower and rival, such as Brush Lee with his artistic splash attack vs. Tag Black, his dark nemesis! Let us know what you come up with on our social media

And don’t forget there’s still time to enter our competition to start your own SuperZings collection. Head over to our Facebook page now.

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