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Why is role play important?

Why is role play important?

To kick things off we thought we would ask the question what exactly is role play?

Role play is a type of imaginative play in which children act out a real life scenario or scene. This then helps to inspire and develop imagination along with knowledge around a certain topic or event.

Social and Communication Skills

Role play is a great way for children to develop their social skills.  A pop up kitchen or café always needs chefs and customers which in turn means children will communicate with each other through play. This is a great way to encourage interaction without it feeling forced, instead children will naturally begin to talk and play with one another. This in turn begins to develop their verbal and non-verbal communication skills which will come in handy later on in life.

Emotional Skills 

Role play is also a great tool for emotional development in little ones. By placing them in a safe situation in which no real world consequences will occur, they can learn how to react in certain situations when confronted with an issue. They can learn how to empathise and gain an understanding of a different person’s perspective, all whilst still in a safe environment.

Cognitive Development

Another benefit to role play is the ability for children to develop their own cognitive skills. Problem solving and recalling past experiences can often crop up when participating in this type of play as children are acting out pretend scenarios. When then placed in a similar scenario further down the line children should find solving the problem much easier.

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