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Woman’s eBay blunder goes viral

Woman’s eBay blunder goes viral

Have you ever made an internet buy that you later regretted?

Well, spare a thought for student Yazmin Zurtti whose eBay blunder has now gone viral.

She had bought what she thought would make fantastic cushions for her bedroom, but they turned out to be miniature decorations for a dollshouse! The cushions which cost her £10 were just 1inch wide.

As the Metro reports, Yazmin’s honest post about the embarrassing mistake, which showed her posing with the cushions, was shared more than 23,000 likes and clocked up more than 100,000 likes. The 22-year-old has now even had offers from across the world to buy the cushions from her.

The psychology undergraduate is quoted as saying: “I honestly thought it was a wind-up at first. I literally couldn’t stop laughing about it. I’d picked these pillows because they matched the bedding and I’ve just done my room up so I had it all planned out how they would look.

“When I opened the package I was just stood there with them in my hand thinking: ‘What am I supposed to do with these?’ I guess that will teach me to read the small print on eBay. They’re no more than an inch wide. My sister and my boyfriend were in the room in hysterics.”

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