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Working mums need better jobs protection, say MPs

Working mums need better jobs protection, say MPs

Here at UKMums.TV we’d like to hear your thoughts around a shocking figure that’s been released on the number of expectant and new mums who’ve been forced out of work. It now stands at 54,000, nearly double that of 2005! The revelation has led MPs to demand urgent action, with calls for a German style system where it’s harder to make women redundant during and after pregnancy.

As the BBC reports, in Germany, from the beginning of pregnancy until four months following childbirth, employers can only dismiss an employee in very rare cases, such as the company going bust, and it needs government approval to do so. In the UK, although it is illegal to dismiss a woman for reasons relating to having a child, a company can find other reasons for making her redundant, a loophole in the UK.

The Women and Equalities Committee report cited research which found that 11% of women reported being either dismissed/made redundant when others in their workplace were not, or being treated so poorly they felt they had to leave their job. The committee’s chairwoman, Maria Miller, said: "There are now record numbers of women in work in the UK. The economy will suffer unless employers modernise their workplace practices to ensure effective support and protection for expectant and new mums.”

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