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X Factor ratings drop

X Factor ratings drop

This weekend the huge UK talent show The X Factor aired its first episode of this year’s series. However audiences were not as big as this stage in the competition last year.

Last year the opening weekend drew in a crowd of 8.9 million. This weekend however they only achieved an audience figure of 7.6 million, this is without the ITV +1 ratings being taken into account which have not been released yet.

Last year the launch coincided with competition from Doctor Who, this year as before they will come up against Strictly Come Dancing which is due to begin next week.

When asked if the X Factors ratings will beat Strictly Come Dancing this year, Simon Cowell said "I'd hate to say yes, because I know what will happen if I say yes - it will come back and haunt me," he said.

"This show does feel better, the talent's great, they're interesting, so if it's us versus Peter Andre, I'm going to put my money on us."

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