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10 Airport Do’s and Don’ts

10 Airport Do’s and Don’ts

You’ve saved hard, and waited patiently, watching the months, days and hours pass what feels like a life time, but now your holiday has finally arrived!

Part of everyone’s holiday, is getting ready and travelling to the airport. So why is it when you arrive, you seem the only one that is organised?

Here’s a few airport Do’s and Don’ts:

1, Leave the Trunki at home!! No-one wants to trail behind a very tired child insisting that they pull their own luggage, especially after a long flight.

2, Shell suits may have been cool in the 80’s (were they really?), but no one wants to hear you rustle and swish your way through the departure lounge.

3, Be prepared. You know that your belt always sets of the sensor, but you still insist on wearing it, just in case this time it won’t. IT WILL! And you will continue to hold up the line, while you take out all your change, phone, camera and keys.

4, Consider who you’re travelling with. It may be a lad’s / ladette’s holiday, but is there any need to down 10 pints before you get on the plane? It’s not big nor clever, and you could ultimately ruin said holiday if you’re escorted off the plane for being abusive.

5, Travelling on a 2 hour flight does not require 10 pieces of hand luggage! You may want to show off your Louis’, but no one is impressed when we’re stuffed into a tin can waiting for you to play Tetras, trying to fit it all in to the overhead storage.

6, Suitable footwear. You know that you’re going to have to climb steps to get onto the plane, so those 10 inch heels aren’t going to do you any favours!

7, Arriving late! Why should we have to wait for you, if you couldn’t be bothered to wait around in the airport 4 hours before the flight is due to depart like we had to?

8, Arriving too early with the kids. Ultimately they are going to get bored or tired, or both. They will have an absolute melt down because you didn’t bring enough snacks, and the whole airport will have to endure 3 hours of WHAH!!

9, Staying with the kids – bring entertainment for them. Most have electronic tablets now, which should keep them quiet for a good couple of hours, especially if the flight is delayed.

And finally,

10, On the way back, don’t wear all white, vest tops, shorts, flip flops and sunglasses. If you’re travelling back to the UK, the minute you get off that plane, your tan will suck back into your skin and you will get instant frost bite!

Plus no one will want to see you with your perfect tan after having to endure the previous 9 Do’s and Don’ts.

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