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5 Delicious Meals to Cook in April

5 Delicious Meals to Cook in April

Now it’s spring, it’s time to think of changing your family’s dinner menu. Here at UKMums.TV, we’re all about celebrating the best of family cooking and, this month, there are plenty of healthy seasonal vegetable options to serve them with to tantalise the tastebuds. We challenge you to make at least one of these delicious dishes a week!

1. Honey mustard and chicken thighs with spring veg

This colourful one pot dish from the BBC Good Food website is perfect for spring as it’s bursting with seasonal vegetables that are packed with goodness. It serves two people and only takes 10 minutes to make with 40 minutes cooking time. Plus it’s quick to prepare in three easy steps; just heat the oven, put the chicken thighs glazed with honey and garlic in skin-side up to roast and add new potatoes, peas and spinach to the pot. Yummy!

2. Spring Pie

Here’s a fantastic Jamie Oliver recipe that’s great for getting the kids involved in the making process. But be prepared for chaos as it’s described as a messy throw-it-all-in dish! This filo pastry pie is filled with delicious leeks, spinach and bacon. There’s plenty to go round, too, as it serves six, so get all your family and friends around. It takes 55 minutes to cook with cooling time.

3. Lamb Chops with Roasted Vegetables

It wouldn’t be spring without a lamb recipe, would it? That’s why we’ve chosen this mouth-watering lamb chop meal from Delia Smith. You can also cook the veg at the same time as the chops with this one, making it super-easy to make mid-week. You’ll need four lamb chops to serve two people.

4. Spring Salmon Fettucine

For a Mediterranean twist on a salmon dish, check out this Spring Salmon Fettucine recipe from Good House Keeping. There’s a creamy fettucine sauce and fans of asparagus will adore this meal! It’s perfect sprinkled with parmesan and don’t forget the lemon wedges to serve!

5. Roast shoulder of pork with fennel seed

For a large family get-together, we recommend this roast shoulder of pork recipe from chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall which was published by the Guardian. It serves between six and eight people and it’s a slow cooker dish so it’s best to prepare it the day before and refrigerate.

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