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5 things that are almost as tough as Tonka

5 things that are almost as tough as Tonka

It’s Day 5 of our Tonka takeover so we’re bringing you a list of top 5 strong items to celebrate the heritage toy, as Tonka Toys are renowned for being tough and indestructible. They’re the perfect toy for rough and active play!

Check out this list of things that are tough, but not quite as a tough as the indestructible Tonka Toys:

1. World’s Strongest Man

The World’s Strongest Man can lift untold weights but must endure immense training to reach peak condition. Tonka Toys are as strong and indestructible from the day they are made and retain their strength after many years of play, that’s why they’ve been firm favourites for generations!

2. SAS Trooper

We salute SAS troopers, they’re strong and heroic in the face of battle. These elite soldiers are strong by could they withstand as much tussle as a Tonka Toy? Could an SAS Trooper sustain day after day of non-stop child’s play without getting bored? Probably not!

3. Super glue

Where would we be without super glue? It’s the first thing we reach for when something’s broken, right? Super glue might fix items such as shattered mugs and crockery, but can you play with it? We’d advise against it! Tonka Toys are much more fun to play with, plus they’re safe for children to use.

4. Leafcutter Ants

Leafcutter Ants are strong for their size. They can carry an item an amazing 50 times their body weight! But they’re nowhere near as fun as Tonka Toys. Tonka Toys are fun as well as indestructible and strong!

5. Nokia Phones

The Nokia phone has earned a reputation for durability, it’s been dubbed the ‘Terminator of cellphones’ for a reason. Accidentally drop it and it would keep on going. But Tonka toys don’t need charging up to keep them working like a mobile phone does!

Why not find out for yourself how tough Tonka Toys are? Tonka Toys are available from Argos Online here

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