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5 Top tips for a stress-free Christmas

5 Top tips for a stress-free Christmas

Here are our top five tips to make your Christmas a stress free period for you and your loved ones this year.

1. Family

Christmas is all about family but it's not always possible to have your nearest and dearest with you on the day. If you've got friends and relatives spread far and wide, a video call using an online service like Skype is the perfect way to wish them a happy Christmas. You'll need a webcam if your computer doesn’t already have one. You can buy one from any mainstream technology store.

2. Shopping

They should hand out medals to anyone brave enough to face the festive battleground of the high street at Christmas. Shopping online is not only quicker and easier, it can save you money, too. But don't click 'buy' without checking out your potential purchases on a price comparison website. It’s also worth remembering your local family run shops as it’s important to support local businesses, plus it probably won’t be as stressful as when you’re out and about further afield.

3. Food

Scouring the aisles for your Christmas food isn’t always an easy choice! Head to your virtual grocery store of chore, so try heading to your virtual food store online to avoid the queues and chaos of the Christmas supermarket shop. All you have to do is make sure you’re at home when they deliver! We recommend the BBC Good Food Christmas food section as it’s hard to beat when it comes to recipe ideas.

4. Preparation

Prep what you can the day before. Peel the vegetables and boil your potatoes so they can all go into a large roasting tray on the day and nothing is rushed, ultimately leaving you to enjoy the day with a little weight off your shoulders safe in the knowledge that you’ve done the big dreaded prep for the most important feast of the year.

5. On the day

Finally, dust off those board games, children who are glued to the computer or Xbox might find Monopoly, Cluedo or Scrabble a novelty, but older children will have fun teaching younger ones how to play them, or you can organise games such as charades. While your kids are having fun make sure your guests are topped up with treats and few glasses of fizz before the big meal, but not so much that it’s overwhelming!

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