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6 fab steps to brighten up your home

6 fab steps to brighten up your home

Summer is the perfect time to make your home feel new and fresh. Whether you fancy a whole new décor or you just want to make a few quick changes there’s plenty of trends and styles to suit you and your family. Here are our top ways to brighten up your home. 

• Going for regal objects will bring an air of elegance to any room. Give your accessories some extra pop by opting for metallic colours; from photo frames to clocks, from vases to ornaments, the shimmering, warm feeling of these pieces is enough to lift any room and give it a whole new personality.


• Don’t shy away from colour when it comes to redecorating. Buy neutral furniture and jazz it up a little with brightly coloured cushions and throws to match your mood and the season! Incorporating bright coloured walls into your home will certainly open up the space and will create light. Try adding big mirrors to create the illusion of a bigger space, placing them opposite a window will also reflect the light around.

• Redecorating your home completely may not be the answer when it comes to lighting things up, quirky homeware can also bring any room to life. However, you don’t have to go for designer pieces, there are plenty of simple home accessories that don’t break the bank. Why not include candles and reflective surfaces to boost and enlarge a room.

• Expand your art collection; invest in a limited edition print, a photograph or a painting. Good art is always a good investment so treat yourself!

• Flowers are the easiest and cheapest way to brighten up your home and certainly look lovely with white. Pick a bunch of your favourite flowers and present them in the centre of a table to give them pride of place.

• Having something refurbished can really bring a piece of furniture back to life. Grab an old chair you didn’t think was worth keeping, select your favourite piece of fabric and cover the furniture to create a statement piece. 

We hope we’ve inspired you to redecorate parts of your home to create light! We would love to see your redesigned home.

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