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A rundown of our favourite swimproof makeup

A rundown of our favourite swimproof makeup

Are you a woman who likes wearing makeup on holiday? Maybe whilst lying in the sun or going swimming? You won’t want it to budge in the water. With our favourite bargain brands you can say goodbye to panda eyes!

Foundation / Concealer

1. Clinique Almost Makeup: It’s waterproof, sweat proof and streak proof. The sheer concealer comes in four shades and includes built in sun protection (SPF 15). The best thing of all is that even while you swim it still stays perfect and in place.



2. L’Oréal Voluminous Waterproof Mascara: Apply this mascara just like a normal mascara, just before taking a dip in the pool. It will remain there for the entire day, plus it will help thicken your lashes up to four times.


3. LA Splash Lip Couture: This lipgloss is perfect for a longer wear, it doesn’t feel any different to a normal lipgloss. Priced at £9.50, this is affordable and remains the same for over six hours!


4. Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow Stick: This long wear eyeshadow stick is easy to apply and wear. It’s smudgeable for just 30 seconds then after that it’s set for the day ahead. This is a favourite at UKMums.TV. It’s definitely something to invest in as it’s completely budge-proof.


5. Mac Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set: This eyebrow set grooms and defines brows into shape, while looking natural. Priced at £14.00, this is great for waterproof, flake proof and smudge proof wear. Included within this brow set is the sweat and humidity resistant! What more could you want?

Finish it off

6. Makeup Forever Aqua Seal: This Aqua Seal enables you to wear any powder and pencil products which will then transform into smudge-proof makeup.

Our advice for swimproof makeup is make sure it’s not super cheap!

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