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A song for Jenny- Book Review

A song for Jenny- Book Review

Everyone knows the tragic circumstances behind the 7/7 attacks in London, and now Julie Nicholson has documented the day and aftermath in a book called A Song for Jenny. Her daughter Jenny was killed in the Edgware Road tube attack, standing only a few seats from the bomber.

This is not for the faint hearted, although a very honest account of a mother’s loss. It brings to life in a very realistic account, the entire emotions one encounters during the loss of a loved one, and especially in the circumstances that Julie lost Jenny.

Julie struggled to manage her emotions during the days after the attack, and found the only thing that helped was to write her feelings down. These notes were turned into the book in what can only be described as a truly honest account of love, sorrow, anger and rage. Julie herself was a Reverend, but could not find solace in the one thing that she believed in for so many years, seeking answers in the 3 parts of the Eucharist, and later resigned her position as Priest in Charge of St Aidan’s in Bristol, however continued to work in the church in a youth arts project.

This is a very real read, and you find yourself seeking answers for someone that you didn’t know, but know so well.

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