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All Things English

All Things English

Everyone in Ireland celebrates St Patrick’s Day but here in England, we’re slacking a bit when it comes to celebrating our English heritage. With St George’s Day on 23rd April we thought we’d put together a list of all things English should you wish to show some patriotism this year!

If you’re thinking of celebrating St George’s Day why not start by being a little bit eccentric and kit yourself out with a whole heap of England themed accessories, they’re pretty naf though! Accessories could include an English flag, sword, shield, hat and many more. If you’re feeling competitive you could even compete with your neighbours by hanging out English flags and seeing whose is the biggest.

If subtlety is your thing you could paint your nails in white and red; you could even include a red rose to jazz them up. Men, why not walk down to a local pub and dress up as either a knight or a dragon. We’re sure this will catch people’s attention and will certainly start off a trend!

You could even encourage your kids to be involved with St George’s Day with various different activities. Ask them to create their own dragon or print them off an English themed colouring sheet, you could even join in with the fun...

If you fancy being a little more practical why not bake a traditional victoria sponge or ask the kids to bake St George’s Day inspired cupcakes. They may be messy but it’s all part of the fun!

We all love a plate of fish and chips, so nip down to your local chippy for an English feast. Or, seeing as Chicken Tikka Masala has been voted as England’s favourite dish, invite your friends and family members round for a curry night! If you’re not a fan of the hot and spicy curry you could go to a restaurant near you which serves a good traditional English roast beef dinner.. yes please!

Hopefully we have inspired you to join in with St George’s Day this year, don’t forget to send us pictures!

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