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Alternative Easter egg gifts

Alternative Easter egg gifts

When thinking of Easter, thoughts instantly turn to chocolate. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Believe it or not, some kids don’t actually like chocolate or they just aren’t allowed to eat it. Whatever the reason, we’ve rounded up the best chocolate and non-chocolate Easter gifts.

1. Haribo Easter Egg Mix from Haribo

What an egg-cellent alternative to chocolate this Easter! Haribo’s Easter Egg is filled to the brim with tasty treats including Starmix, Tangfastics, Kiddies Supermix, Strawbs and Goldbears. The egg is dairy free, providing the perfect option for those with lactose intolerance. Hunt with Haribo is also a new range which is packed with gums and jellies in bunny, chick and lamb shaped pieces.

2. Little Live Pet Surprise Chick – £14.99

Children will love hearing the surprise chick tapping and chirping inside the egg and then they’ll watch in amazement as it hatches out and hops about!

3. Bunny Rabbit Baby Sleepsuit - RRP £18.00

This sleepsuit is gorgeously soft with a cute rabbit called Bramble on the back. This will make a great gift for a new baby for Easter, and perfect for lovers of woodland animals!

4. John Lewis Bunny in Pink Jumper Soft Toy - RRP £12.00

This cuddly snuggle-bunny has floppy ears, hopping feet and a button nose that’s sure to melt your child’s heart. Wearing an adorable pink knit jumper, this is perfectly sized for little hands.

5. Kids Farmyard Gift Set – Sheep RRP £6.99

Bring the taste of the farmyard to your kids’ bath times with this lovely gift set. Included within this set is a small green towel and two sheep-shaped bars of soap. The plastic zip lock bag also makes it great for sleep over and trips!

6. Schleich Farm Life – from £2.99

With cute young animals including lambs, rabbits and more, Schelich’s range of farm life animals will set the scene this Easter holiday.

7. Farmyard Sip n’ Sound Straws - £5.99

Sipping through a straw has never been so much fun. These farmyard themed straws make an animal noise when a drink passes through and stop as soon as the liquid goes. Choose from a moo, oink, baa or neigh!

8. Weebledown Farm – from £4.99

Kids can own an egg shaped farm animal with the Weebledown farm collection. Guaranteed wibbly wobbly fun this Easter!

9. Stackable Soft Toys - £3.99

These egg shaped Peppa Pig toys offer lots of stackable, squishable fun. The super cute soft toys are shaped so you can stack them together.

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