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Are UK children becoming obese at younger ages?

Are UK children becoming obese at younger ages?

The average age that a child becomes obese is decreasing, according to new figures.

The University College London have looked into data from over 56,000 Brits born between 1946 – 2001 and the study suggests that children are becoming obese younger.

However, the figures are starting to stabilise among the under 10’s, but it is still too early to know if this will continue. This has left public health officials concerned and worried. As a lot of the time obese children carry on their obesity in adult life and this leaves them with an increased risk in heart disease and diabetes amongst other diseases.

Estimates show that health problems linked to obesity can cost the NHS over £5bn a year. wants to know what you think? Is obesity an issue? Let us know via social media or in the comment boxes below.

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