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Autumn Nail Colours

Autumn Nail Colours


Autumn is filled with reds, oranges and browns and luckily these colours look great on any nail, shape, or length!






The most popular nail colour this autumn is the sensuous autumn mulberry; this colour looks classy, fashionable and in season. ‘Merino cool’ from Essie gives a great, young finish and feel with the light texture and the look of a gel nail. Click here to view the product


Another colour which we love here at is a ruby/Red. Ruby gives off a rich, warm feeling which is just right for the cold weather. ‘Swing velvet’ from Essie, is the perfect shade to fit in with the theme of autumn. Click here to view the deep and frosted ruby colour ‘Swing Velvet’ 



We all know that the leaves turn rusty orange in the autumn, but will you choose to have orange nails to match them? ‘Les Vernis’ is the name of the gorgeous, vibrant, deep nail colour from ‘Chanel’ Click here to view the gorgeous orange colour



Why not go for plum this autumn. A bit of an all-rounder a plum nail polish can work day or night. We love the Sparkling berry colour from Max Factor, check it out here


We would love to see your autumn nail ideas- tag us in your pics on Facebook of Twitter.

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