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Autumn Slow Cooker Recipes

Autumn Slow Cooker Recipes

It’s come to that time of year when you need to make hot meals to warm yourself up! However, slow cooking isn’t really a lot of effort, it just takes a small investment of time in the morning. Simply peel your onions, chop your carrots, add your beef and there you have it, your dinner cooked for you when you come in from work. Here’s a couple of our top picks of slow cooker recipes for you to try from home.

1. German Style Roast Beef

Tangy beef, flavoured with red wine, dill pickles and mustard, will make any fan of German food raise a glass! Serve this recipe with tender noodles or some veg and mash.

2. Slow Cooker Pork Carnitas

Make Taco Tuesday happen with this slow cooker carnitas recipe. All you need is a pork shoulder, spices, aromatics and some tortillas with your favourite topping. For the recipe click the link above.

3. Ox Cheek Cottage Pie

Check out this delicious recipe from Ellie’s Kitchen, which takes a cheap lesser used, cut of meat and transforms it into a hearty family favourite.

4. Slow cooked Chicken Enchilada Soup

All the bold flavours of chicken enchiladas come together in this thick soup. It’s a hearty and welcoming dinner for when the weather is too cold!

5. Slow cooked butter chicken

Why not go for this slow cooked butter chicken recipe, for a melt in the mouth meal. This is great for putting in slow cookers in the morning and coming home to a house that smells gorgeous. Serve with basmati rice and naan bread.


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