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Backyard Beach: What should a holiday look like?

Backyard Beach: What should a holiday look like?

This month UKMums.Tv is looking at a brand new TV show for younger children called Kazoops. In this unique new show, the lead character, Monty, uses his vivid imagination to challenge everyday preconceptions.  So as part of our Kazoops takeover, we are also looking at different preconceptions and trying to challenge our everyday habits and routines.

In Backyard Beach, Monty and Stan are packing the car for a trip to the beach, but when the car breaks down and the trip is cancelled, Monty wonders whether you can have a fun day without ever leaving your home.

This episode of Kazoops really had us thinking about what a holiday should look like. Whilst we all enjoy flying far away to a warm country for a beach holiday, we understand that holidays abroad can be a big source of stress for parents - not to mention being hard on the pocket.  From organising travel arrangements to budgeting for a pricey week away, a holiday can sometimes be difficult to manage. Here are some fun alternatives to inspire your holiday choice this summer!

Use your imagination

Take a leaf out of Monty’s book and encourage your kids’ imaginations instead. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Kazoops it’s that life is so much more fun if we learn to think outside the box!

- Build a den: building a den is a classic childhood pastime which is guaranteed to entertain children for hours. You’ll be amazed how much fun can be had with cardboard boxes!

- Dress up!: As soon as kids don a costume or a pick up a prop, their imagination is instantly inspired. Perhaps they want to be a firefighter or a princess when they grow up, so why not encourage them to pretend!

- Treasure hunt: Draw a classic treasure hunt map for your little ones to follow. Along the way, they’ll use their imaginations and use the power of make-believe to entertain themselves.


Alternatively, if a change of scenery is what you want, why not try a staycation? The UK has so many beautiful areas and attractions which can be just as exciting as a trip abroad.

- Cornwall: This stunning county is the perfect place for a family trip. There are so many things to see and enjoy, plus a lot of it is free!

- Scotland: Scotland is a lovely country with several fun tourist attractions. Kids will be entertained by the Loch Ness Monster myth while parents can marvel at historical sites and soak up the culture.

- Lake District: The Lake District is bursting with fun activities for the whole family. From casual bike rides to water-sports and treetop adventures, this beautiful national park is not to be underestimated!

What is your idea of a perfect holiday? Is a holiday all about location or can it be a state of mind? Tweet us @UKMums.TV and tell us what you think!

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