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Balance bikes and learning to ride

Balance bikes and learning to ride

Choosing your child’s first wheels is serious business and we at really support the hype that balance bikes make a wise buy for parents who are deciding between a traditional small bike with stabilisers, a Trike or the new breed of balance bike that gives children so much more control.



We’ve done our research with our sponsor Yvolution – producers of the Y Velo Balance Bike collection and here are five reasons why you should think balance before stabilisers. 

Safety: Balance bikes are much safer and more practical than tricycles and training wheels.  Tricycles are slow, awkward to manoeuvre and easily tip on uneven or angled surfaces. On a balance bike, children are focused on balancing, rather than pedalling. As a result, they are more balance aware and less likely to fall. 

Progressions: Once they master balancing, kids can also completely skip training wheels and head straight for a standard bike.  In doing so, the countless falls and skinned knees from learning to ride are greatly (if not completely) reduced.

They are more economical: Many parents hesitate purchasing a balance bike but the fact is they replace the need for a tricycle and a 12″ bike with training wheels.  

Ride Pedal Bikes Sooner: Kids who ride a balance bike generally ride pedal bikes independently at a younger age than those who use training wheels.  It is not uncommon for balance bike riders to start riding a pedal bike at the age of three verses 5 or 6 with training wheels. In addition, transitioning an experienced balance biker to a pedal bike is a piece of cake.  Simply give them a bike and let them ride. No running beside them, no holding their seat, no tears, simply give them the bike and watch in amazement as they ride off on their own.

Encourage Kids to Get Outside and Play: Instead of bugging your kids to get outside and play, they will be bugging you to take them for a ride.  Kids love the independence and sense of accomplishment they get from riding a balance bike. Whether it’s being stopped by strangers on a walk or bombarded by kids at the park, kids quickly realize that there is something cool about riding bikes and want to be part of the action. Balance bikes are simple- no batteries, no small pieces, no complicated instruction, just simple pure fun.

All in all, the balanced argument is clear, and although it may not be what we had when we were kids, give your little ones a whirl on a balance bike and see the difference for yourself!

For more information about the Y Velo series from Yvolution check out

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