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Banish those Bingo Wings!

Banish those Bingo Wings!

With summer approaching, you’re going to want to be summer ready! So, instead of sitting back and relaxing, why not get up on your feet and try out our top 5 easy workouts that can be done in your own home!

10 Minute Bingo Wings Blaster - NHS Choices

From press-ups to tricep kickbacks, NHS Choices will give you all the advice and tips you need to get perfect arms in just 10 minutes! This workout also provides you with a suitable warm up exercise to make things just a little bit easier before you start your workout.

Ways to Beat Bingo Wings - Good to Know

Working out can be boring so why not try something a little more exciting to get rid of those wobbly arms! With Good to Know’s how-to guide, you will find the perfect exercises to keep you occupied and healthy at the same time. With this guide you can also find exercises you never knew you could use to lose weight off your arms!

Banish those Bingo Wings with Maxine - ITV Lorraine

Maxine and Sally feature on Lorraine to give you the best advice and answers to all your questions about getting back into shape all year round. With Maxine’s tips on how to get rid of bingo wings you’ll be sure to see good results.

How to Get Rid of Bingo Wings - The Running Bug

These 4 exercises from The Running Bug will do just the trick to help you tone up for the summer! This is great for people at any fitness level - from beginner to advanced they will provide just the right exercise for you to enjoy.

Banish those Bingo Wings - yourweightlossaid.com

‘Banish those Bingo Wings’ from Your Weight Loss Aid will provide you with great exercises to help you to lose the jiggle! It also teaches you about how to set your diet to maintain your toned arms!

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