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Batman vs. Superman Memorabilia

Batman vs. Superman Memorabilia

As “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” is out next week, we here at UKMums.tv thought we’d share some of the cool memorabilia that we've spotted!

1. Batman vs. Superman Figures - There are lots of Batman vs. Superman figures out at the moment, but our favourite figures are those from the DC Comics range from Schleich. Figures are available to purchase here!

2. Mugs - Why not go for a mug? There are absolutely loads of them, which range from the Batman logo to quotes from the film. Check these out!


3. T-Shirts - There are plenty of t-shirts, hoodies and other pieces of Batman vs. Superman clothing that have been released recently. Some of our favourites are available here!

4. Posters - During the lead up to the film, there have been many posters released too. This one is our favourite, and you can purchase it here!

There are plenty more goodies around such as lunchboxes and pencil cases, so if you spot anything good don’t forget to tweet us @UKMumsTV!

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