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Become Fit for Free

Become Fit for Free

We spend a huge amount of money on becoming fit and healthy each year. However, you can do it without it costing a penny. Here are 6 top tips on how to become fit and healthy without the cost.

Socialise over exercise 
If you don’t fancy joining a local sports club, why not meet with friends to walk, run or exercise in a local park? Working out with someone is great for staying motivated and in a routine.

Search the Internet
There are many websites which show you individual workout videos you can do straight from your home. You will often find a free membership site with a selection of exercises of every type which will provide a fitness guide just for you.

Watch TV
I know we say that watching TV doesn’t burn off any fat at all, however, you may find some interesting exercise programmes on TV these days. You could find a few programmes which take your fancy that you could record for later, or even follow the work out there and then.

Go for a bike ride
If you have a bike at home, why not take the option to cycle to your destination if it is too far to walk. Cycling is a great way to become more active and it will actually save you money on transport!

Have a spring clean
Believe it or not, cleaning your house is actually a great way to lose those unwanted pounds. Clean your house top to bottom once a week for a vigorous workout!

Toning up
You may not want to just lose weight but also tone up for free. How can you tone up for free? You can tone up without any equipment at all, just use your own body weight. For example, you can stand right in front of a wall with your back against it with your arms straight. Push your arms against the wall behind you.

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