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Bedroom dens for your little one!

Bedroom dens for your little one!

Is your little monkey always looking for somewhere to play with their friends? Why not make them a den or, to make things easier, why not buy one! Read our top picks of dens to keep your little monkey occupied! 

1) Fun with Mum RRP £57.60 

This teepee tent will make a great hideout for your child in any season. It will be perfect for your little one’s room, the patio, balcony or garden. Not only will it embellish any interior but it will also make the surroundings feel cosy and fun! Plus there’s plenty of room for you too when you’re reading a bedtime story!

2) Midsleeper/Children’s Bed Andi, solid beech wood with slide and tower RRP £301.90

The Midsleeper bed Andi features a contemporary design that perfectly fits within any style of home. It also makes it mark through high quality beech wood. The space underneath the bed can be used perfectly as a playground for adventures and additionally offers ample storage space. Besides a cosy sleeping atmosphere.

3) Whimsical Canopy Tent RRP £75 

A magical space with a whimsical charm! This beautifully handcrafted canopy tent is the perfect addition to any room and it’s a super cosy retreat! It’s simply beautiful and it offers a calming hideaway reading nook which can be adorned with blankets and cushions to create the ultimate luxe play space.

4) Children’s Modular Sensory Pod £95.95 

This sensory pod is specifically designed for children to experience a sensory environment or a place to relax and unwind. It’s easy to assemble due to its pop up design which makes it instantly ready to use.

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