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Benefits of kick scooters

Benefits of kick scooters

Yvolution is taking over this week with their fab new refreshed range of Y Glider kick scooters. The kick scooter has been around for years and while the Y Gliders are definitely an upgrade from the original scooters you may remember from when you were little, the benefits of getting out and about on one are still the same! Here’s why kick scooters are great for your child!

Gross and Fine Motor Skill Development – Scooters help develop both sets of motor skills kids need in everyday life. Motor skills are developed by any action that involves a child using their muscles. Riding a scooter helps kids work on coordination, endurance, and overall strength. The more endurance activities children engage in, the more energy they will have for other actives. Additionally, developing these skills on a scooter will help with future activities that require steering, stopping and balancing, such as riding a bike.

Balance and direction – Scooters are powered first by kick but are directed by balance meaning they help to improve coordination. The Y Glider’s Lean-to-Steer technology teaches kids to balance using their own weight and the adjustable steering is a great way to tailor the scooter to your child’s ability.

Confidence – it doesn’t take long for kids to master riding. When they do crack it, the confidence knowing that can handing it is a real boost!

They enhance cognitive development – Kids enjoy making their own decisions and thinking for themselves! Exploring on a scooter gives children opportunities to explore their capabilities and experience play, which in turn builds imagination!

They teach safety – One of the final benefits from using scooters is that scooters teach safety. Just like learning to ride a skateboard or a bike, kids will most likely fall when learning to ride a scooter. For that reason, we always encourage riders to wear a helmet and other protective gear such as elbow and knee pads. Through the process of learning to ride a scooter, kids can understand the importance of protecting their bodies and the consequences of not doing so. Yvolution has a great range of safety accessories that are perfect for protection! Find out more here!

They are fun! Need we say more?

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