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Best and Worst Celebrity Romantic Gestures

Best and Worst Celebrity Romantic Gestures

Whether you’re coupled up or flying solo this Valentine’s Day, it’s always fun to hear some funny stories from celebrities. After all, celebrity romances are like real-life fairy tales, even if they don’t end up together!

Kanye West’s Proposal

In an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, West surprised then-girlfriend Kim Kardashian by whisking her to San Francisco on her birthday, where their nearest and dearests were waiting for them. When Kardashian got out of the car, both she and he walked into a field where a 50-piece orchestra was playing and fireworks were going off, then West proposed!

Justin Bieber’s Titanic-Sized Movie Screening

Though Selena Gomez repeatedly says that she and Bieber are finished, that doesn’t stop them both from hoping they’ll find their way back to each other. And he has a good reason: to treat his lady to a steak dinner and private screening of the Titanic!

Ben Affleck’s Magazine Ad

Long before he married his wife Jennifer Garner, Affleck was famous as one half of the couple nicknamed ‘Bennifer’ with Jennifer Lopez. In March 2002, Affleck gushed all over Variety Magazine, showing off her “astonishing talent”, “beauty” and “true grace”.

Jay-Z bought Beyoncé a car!

This is one of the most romantic (and priciest!) gifts that celebrities love to give to their other half. In 2004, Jay Z gave Beyoncé a Rolls Royce allegedly worth a million dollars for her 25th birthday and they weren’t even married at this point!

Robin Thicke releases an album to win back Paula Patton

There was no hidden agenda in Thicke’s attempt to win back his lovely wife Paula Patton. Thicke’s latest album included titles of “Too Little Too Late”, “Forever Love” and “Get Her Back”!

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