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Best bits from London Toy Fair

Best bits from London Toy Fair

The mums at UKMums.tv have visited Toy Fair London this January and we’ve put together a list of our top toys from what we saw.
Here’s what to look out for in 2018!

1) Vamperina Bat-tastic Talking Vee Doll – Just Play/Flair 

We love this doll as much as we love the Disney Junior Show! Simply press Vamperina’s necklace to hear her say fun phrases from favourite episodes! The doll comes with her loyal pal Wolfie, and is dressed in a spook-tastic web-detailed dress with a matching necklace.

2) 8 inch Star Wars Porg Soft Toy – Posh Paws

Meet the new bird like creature, Porg that has taken the world by storm since it was introduced in the new Star Wars Movie: The Last Jedi, this cute and cuddly Porg soft toy makes the perfect present for any Jedi fan. The lovable character is made of super soft fur and stands at 18 inches tall!

3) Gazillion Bubble Pong game – Funrise

With Gazillion Bubble Pong, players take it in turn to throw ping pong balls into their opponent’s side. It’s a race to hit the target first and blast the losing player with a face of bubbles! After playing the game, switch the console over to Bubble Machine mode for a bubble party. How fun!

4) Caravan for Secret Club Meetings – Schleich
The stunning new Caravan for Secret Club Meetings from the Schleich Horse Club collection will be the perfect playset for creating stories. The Caravan has a living room, balcony, removable rood and plenty of accessories for endless fun!

5) Soft N Slow Squishies – Character Options

Soft rising and ultra-collectable, Soft ‘n’ Slo Squishies come in a variety of themes and sizes and produce a fun collectable that’s different every time. Soft ‘n’ Slo lets kids squish, squeeze and watch them slowly rise every time, and with hundreds to collect there’s no doubt the Soft ‘n’ Slo collectable craze is not only on, it’s rising!

6) Hyper Cluster Yo Yo’s – Bandai

The Hyper Cluster is a line of precision-engineered, high-performance yo-yos which can be customised to match the user’s style and performance needs. Interchangeable skateboard-style skins can be combined for kids to show off their style and personality while they yo-yo, and yo-yos can also be customised with high-performance ball-bearings to adjust spin, stamina or looping abilities.

7) Dyson Cord Free Vacuum – Casdon

This role play toy is a direct replica of the life size Dyson that kids will see Mum and Dad using at home; the model features working suction, realistic sounds and twist and turn action just like the real thing! Designed with the same bright colours as the real-life vacuum, kids will be able to feel all grown up by pretending to clean house just like mummy and daddy as well as developing essential life skills.

8) Pikmi Pops – Flair PLC

It’s not a lollipop, it’s a Pikmi Pops! Unwrap a Pikmi Pop to find cute surprises inside. There are over 45+ super cute mini Pikmi plushes to collect in 12 yummy scents. Don’t pick one, pick a lot and unwrap the surprises!

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