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Best Celebrity April Fool’s Jokes

Best Celebrity April Fool’s Jokes

As I’m sure you were all aware, it was April Fool’s Day last week! Here are some of our favourite tricks that some top celebrities pulled off.

1. Professor Green-Tea: In an attempt to fool his Twitter followers, Professor Green announced that he would be changing his name as part of a new deal with PG Tips. First thing on Friday morning, he tweeted saying “As part of the most pivotal deal in my career with @PGTips Green Tea, I’m changing my name to ‘Professor Green Tea’.”

2. Zuckerberg fashion range: It’s very rare that you see Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg wear anything other than dark jeans and a grey t-shirt, so when it was announced that he had teamed up with H&M to release the range “Mark Zuckerberg x H&M” the whole world would have been in shock.

3. Engaged?: Celebrity Big Brother star Stephanie Davis took the opportunity to poke fun at her on/off relationship with Jeremy McConnell with the classic “We’re getting married” April Fool’s Day trick. Stephanie promptly added “April Fools” afterwards, before deleting the tweet altogether!

4. A zero calorie beer?: Finally, not exactly a celebrity, but the Dublin based beer distributer Guinness tweeted that they would be releasing a zero calorie Guinness! Although this would have been a dream for all of us beer lovers out there, the cruel reality is that this was another April Fool’s Day prank.

Those were just a few of our favourites, but what were yours? Don’t forget to tweet us @UKMumsTV!

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