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Best Child Safety Products

Best Child Safety Products



Having a baby is life changing - it will be years before you can sleep through the night again! When your baby starts to crawl, their safety will be constantly on your mind. You’ll be scanning each and every room for dangerous objects your little ones can get their hands on! To help you through their younger years, here are some products we’ve reviewed here at that can help keep your little tots safe.




Hippychick Buggi Lights - £14.99

One of our favourite products we have tested here at is the Buggi Lights from Hippychick, available in six different colours and all in a cute ladybird print. They’re a definite must-have for newborns and younger children. One “bug” has a white LED light facing forwards and the other a backward-facing red LED light, just like a car! Not many people see buggies in the dark which can be hazardous; with Hippychick’s Buggi Lights you can make your buggy visible and safe.


Hippychick Dream Tubes - £39.99
We love the Dream Tubes from Hippychick, the ultimate solution to overcoming the issue of young children falling out of beds. A high quality and easy to use bed guard provides a safe and secure night’s sleep for your child. Simply blow up the inflatable guards and make a cosy barrier for your child. The lightweight and compact size means that the tubes are perfect for a holiday or overnight stay.

Diono Easy View Plus - £20.00 (Amazon)
The Diono Easy View Plus car mirror is the perfect way to keep an eye on your little ones in the car at all times whilst driving safely. It provides a large crystal viewing mirror which has a light and remote control so you can check on your baby at night and in the day. Also included on the car mirror is a pivot ball with a 360 degree rotation. Available from Amazon, Kiddicare, Halfords and many more.


Hamster Buggy Bags - £24.99
This pushchair accessory will ensure that your little one’s buggy remains stable even when it is loaded up with shopping or baby essentials. The bags neatly hook on to the sides of buggies and are designed to distribute more weight to the front and sides of buggies, meaning that they are less likely to tip over. We love the fact that the bags give you extra room for all the items that need to be taken when you go out with your little one as well as acting as a safety feature that will help keep a buggy upright at all times.

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