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Best children’s sun accessories

Best children’s sun accessories

As many of you know Cicciobello Sunny likes to cover up, wear sun glasses and make sure he has his UV sensitive accessories when heading out in the sun. But what accessories can you give your children to head out in the sun? Take a look below at our favourite picks.

M&S Sunglasses £5.00 

When heading out into the sun, sunglasses are a must for children of all ages. We recommend these orange colour block sunglasses from Marks and Spencer. Not only do they have full UV protection but they also have a cool design which uses both strong blue and green colours to really stand out and catch the eye.

Next Blue Dino Legionnaire's Hat £8.00  

A problem we all know too well is trying to get your child to wear a hat when out in the sun. After about five minutes children are usually bored and it can be a battle to get them to keep it on at all times. That’s why we love this Blue Dino Legionnaire's Hat. It looks just like a dinosaur which is sure to encourage young children to keep it on all day, not only this but it also has both a front peak and neck sleeve to protect both sides of the face. 

Next Floral Legionnaire's Hat 

Just like the legionnaire’s hat above this one is also from Next. With all the same safety features but a floral design, this hat is perfect for young girls. Remember hats are an important safety item for young children when heading out into the sun, especially on a day with strong rays.

Cicciobello Sunny UV accessories

With every Cicciobello Sunny purchased you get a set of UV accessories for both child and doll. These accessories come in the form of a pendant for Cicciobello and a bracelet for the owner. Each accessory measures the strength of the sun’s rays and notifies the owner when they have had too much sun, making it the perfect sun safety tool!

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