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Best Creative Toys

Best Creative Toys










Qixels is a new concept in boys creative play with the edgy designs that will appeal to them (think Skeletons, Warriors and Monsters!). With just a spray of water, cubes fuse together to create a pixelated designs based on various different fun themes.

Qixels Fuse Blaster - This futuristic water sprayer sprays a fine mist of water which joins pre laid designs together so you create one final character. This newly fused character can then decorate rooms or become toys to be played with. This set comes with a ton of accessories and really is the perfect way to start your pixelated collection.  Find out more here

Plasticine Softez

Plasticine Softeez is the new way for children to enjoy Plasticine. The new softer and more malleable compound is great for smaller hands and just like the original, that we all know and love, it never dries out! Importantly Plasticine Softeez also maintains the superior modelling qualities of the classic compound; allowing for extended play and imaginative creativity.
Plasticine Softeez Under the Sea Play Box - Kids can use the 12 blocks of special Plasticine Softeez compound to roll, press and cut into amazing underwater creatures!  It even comes with a mat that makes your creations look like they have come to life.
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Designed to inspire inventiveness, creativity and the new Beados Gems collection allows children to create stunning pieces of jewellery including necklaces, rings and bracelets.
Beados Gem Designer Studio  - This set makes creating stylish Beados Gem Jewellery easier than ever. With six different coloured gems to use you have a wide range of jewels to create, once you have chosen your colour simply place them onto your template using your gem pen. Spray water over the gems to join them together to create necklaces, rings and a whole host of other jewellery.
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Fashion Stylist Autumn Winter Collection

This sticker book inspires kids to launch their very own fashion collection! Children can put together super-stylish sticker outfits, with looks from the chic ‘Need for Tweed’, to the grunge-inspired ‘Halloween Dream’. They can also learn how to draw figures and design their own clothes, inspired by beautiful illustrations. This book has more than 200 stickers plus a pull-out catwalk poster to showcase their dream designs.
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