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Dieting Tips to get back on track in 2016

Dieting Tips to get back on track in 2016

Everyone knows how difficult it can be to stay on track with a New Year diet. That’s why we thought we'd bring you some tips that may just help.

1. Don’t change too much too soon

It can be very difficult to change your whole diet in one go after over indulging at Christmas. You should take gradual steps to get back on the dieting track. Perhaps start in the first week by giving up sugary snacks, then move on to cutting out the fatty dinners and eventually start increasing the amount you exercise. Why not get ready for exercise with Active Woman Activate pre-workout energy and protein shake (1)? Just one scoop of the Activate powder mixed in with water and you're ready to go!

2. Portion Control

When dieting, one of the most effective methods to lose weight is portion control. You need to eat regularly and a healthy amount, but you shouldn’t over eat. If you feel full, try not to go for seconds and, when cooking, try not to cook too much. If you do, remember you can always save it for a meal the next day. If you want to lose weight fast, the Active Woman Define capsules (2) for weight management are great for controlling calorie intake, helping you get fitter and more toned!

3. Eating healthily doesn’t mean not eating

Many people decide to skip meals when dieting. In fact, it is better to eat a light lunch than it is not to have anything at all. If you begin to regularly skip meals it can be a danger to your health and make it harder to resist snacking.

4. Try Jane Plan!

Jane Plan offers delicious diet plans for effective weight loss. Their personal service, tailormade plans and delicious food make losing weight seem easy! Head over to the Jane Plan website to find out more. We tried it and we loved it! 

5. Kickstart your new year with a health regime

Suplements are a great way to get fit quicker. We love Tom Oliver Super-charged Marine Omega 3 (3). It is uniquely created from caviar oil and contians a high concentration of omega 3 than standard fish oil. Find out more here 


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